How to enable google analytics in magento 2

To enable google analytics, basically you need to have a google analytics account with tracking ID. I will not be covering this topic in this article. Will write a new article on this process.

Refer: for more information

Let us configure Magento 2 administration panel. (I am assuming that you have a Tracking ID ready with you.)

Login to Administration panel of magento 2 portal
Go to Stores > Configuration

Magento 2 admin store configuration

Choose Sales tab, choose google API

Magento 2 admin store sales configuration

Put your Google Tracking ID

Magento 2 admin store google analytics


You will need to clear your cache by going to:  System > Cache Management & Click Flush Magento cache

To verify your changes, please visit store portal & view source to find your Google analytics code added to portal at bottom of page.

Note: This configuration was tested on Magento 2.1.9


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